fredag 8. februar 2008

Introduction to Tangible Interactions Studio course 2008


The first week was dedicated to get a overview on the history of design and technology with a focus on the ubiquitous and tangible research, products and services. We were presented to chapters from different litterature within the subjects. They ranged from the spectacular, almost divine foresight of Nicola Tesla in his work from 1916 "Wonders of the future", to the social concience focus of John Thackara in his book "In the Bubble" where the new technology's main goal is to facilitate human behaviours, not to show off skills. "Appropriateness surpasses performance as the key to technological success"

Some specially interresting books:
- John Thackara, "In the Bubble"
- Mark Weiser, "The Computer for the 21st Century"
- Malcom McCullough, "Digital Ground"
- Jane McGonigal, "The Curious Interface"

These readings really was a welcomming approach to the course. A subject like new technology tend to get very, yes, technological. But one should strive to always put the humans in centre rather than the technology. In my opinion this has not been the case in many of the products and services presented for users the passed decades.

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