torsdag 21. februar 2008

Tangible interaction projects

Lecture by Timo Arnall and Einar Sneve Martinussen

 part 2

Ubiqutous-city, Korea

-we have the home computer but what happens when we move into public spheres?

-american technologies that are not allowed to be tested in the U.S 



-uses large empty buildings as screens where the windows are individual pixels

Open city(Graffiti research lab)

-drawing machine

-large projections on buildings

-using buildings as paper


-led attached to magnets with batteries that can be thrown onto walls at night

-looking for metal surfaces in the city

-each arrow has a code that you can send a story with 160 characters to a website. the story can then be read by others by sending an sms with the code seen on the specific arrow 

-not very successful; maybe built on false assumptions that people want to tell stories, and that people want to read stories from strangers...

-community engangement

-measures your stress level and maps them to areas where you have been and shows them graphically

-started as an abstract project but may now be used in city planning

-dividing mind and body, map your feelings.

-orientation game, treasure hunt to find your way through the city

-address your destination, then you are given different clues and landmarks to find on your way to the destination. 

-misused as a game rather than a guide tool

Day of the figurines

Air (Area's Immediate Readings)

-portable devices which reads air quality

-many of these carried around be people gives a big picture all together

Blogging pigeons

-what if objects blogged? 


-stickers fitted on the windows

Flash mobs / Eat brains

-internet is great at gathering people together



-apply to a game master, get an ID and register your address, get a mission which is to shoot a person with a water gun

-sell your crafts and products that you have made


-show your crafts and things

Flocks-by christien

-track the milk from the cow in mongolia to the table in cheese form in belgium

Megan Trainor- with hidden numbers

RFID snakes and ladders

Symbolic table

Sharer- by Vinay Venkatraman

Everything is a toy

-decided that everything in the world is a toy

RFID mon Amour

Arithmetic Garden- by Masahiko and Takashi

-physical full scale mathematic game

-walk around through gates with different numbers and solve the equation

Yourday- RFID visitor tracking at Alton Towers

-track your day in an amusement park and get it on DVD at the exit

-consider to change for example this controlled context rather than changing everyday life situations

Moving Pictures

Smart urban intelligence

-maps the places where you have been through the day

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