onsdag 13. februar 2008

Hairfid- a simple RFID interface

The task was to explore the mapping between physical objects, readers and feedback (on screen and sound).
We explored different interactions movements between the RFID-tag and the reader such as hitting, stroking, sliding, pointing, tapping, rotating. We also wanted to experiment with different materials for the object containing the tag and the reader. At one point the reader had become the earth soil, and the tags through their form, materials and movement should represent the four seasons.
This proved to be a quite complex task to solve so instead we focused only one movement, the stroking. Stroke what? The hair ofcourse..

We made a brush with 3 different surfaces and a tag inside for each surface. They give 3 different sensations when stroking through the hair, from smooth to rugged. The reader is put inside a wig. For the output we projected short film clips of a person reacting accordingly to the face of the brush you use to stroke. 


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