torsdag 21. februar 2008

Interactions of transactions

One week group task with Ingrid and Kyrre: Re-design of the ticketing system of the public transportation company Ruter in Oslo, with focus the physical interaction between the TVM, the ticket and the validator device.

 The existing system is based on paper tickets purchased either on a TVM, on the bus/train/tube /tram or at the station. The main challenge in this task was to replace the paper ticket with a ticket based on RFID-technology.
We used paper prototyping to work out solutions to different problems concerning purcase of ticket and validating the ticket when in use. Our goal was to make the system easy to use through  few sequenses and understandable grapichs without taking away to much of the user options. 

The new ticket service got the name "SVIPP -turer med Ruter i Oslo" and is a card containing an RFID-tag. The service is devided in two modalities. A non-personal card for single or multiple single travels, and a personal card  for subscription or prepaid amount.

In case of ticket control the Svipp-card can easily be read with a wireless reader.

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