søndag 24. februar 2008

Major Project - Itteration One

After four minor projects or workshops we now start up the major project that we will work on the rest of this term. Keeping in mind the different design breifs given in the course plan Tangible Interactions 2008 we are to chose a phenomenon or area we want to work in. This is only a starting point so to define our own projects, research the phenomenon, explore similar projects, observe people and behaviours, sketch the observations out will be our job initially. 

In the approach to the this task I am interested in the implmentation of RFID into everday life. Many projects with this technology tend to be of a social networking or community thing like the YellowArrow and such. I assume that very few people are into these cutting edge, behavioral trends. Not said that it's not important or interesting, because I think they do lead to development and change of social behaviour over time. But I think these projects also reflect the pitfalls of working with new technology that you might "over-do" it and that it doesn't become accessable to a wide range of people. I am interested in implementing the technology into everday social situations and enhance and facilitated them through ubi-comp. 

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