lørdag 22. desember 2007

Social consequences og technology

Ling, Telenor.
ICT- info and communication tech
Social cohesion, the way a groupe act together.
Strong ties   -    Weak ties
-brings in new ideas



Gives an intro to the Touch program running on the school based on the RFID-technology. 
Pre-Touch, study on how people relate to touches through history (Sosiology)

Maybe this will be my next studiocourse. Maybe maybe...

Know your costumer

Lasse Hamre, pedagogue
Start with the one who's going to learn. How to get the content from the costumers? - design processes to get the info we need.
  1. People thinks there is a right & wrong
  2. Anxiety
  3. The head is attached to the body
How to break those barrieres?

Jung's model of  pre-, sub- and  conciensness.
Preform exercises to soften up the group, make them feel comfortable with expressing their imidiate thoughts and feelings. Play assosiation games etc..

Netlife Research

Forelesning om brukerorientert design for web.
  • strategi
  • bruker
  • innhold
  • informasjonsarkitektur
  • interaksjon
  • prototype
Mål med nettstedet:
  1. hovedmål
  2. undermål
  3. osv
Programvare Visio.
Gjøre resultatene så målbare som mulige. Tar i bruk målinger med eyetracking for å utvikle heatmaps om hvor brukeren ser på nettsiden og i hvilken rekkefølge. 

fredag 21. desember 2007

Paper prototyping

This is a fast and inexpensive sketch technique for both linear and non-linear applications often used in the start of a design process. It generates many possible solutions and gives you a dynamic and simulated user experience.  
We were asked to test out this sketch technique in making a coffee machine that had sertain specified functions. At first it felt wierd to used simple post-it notes to simulate user sequenses. I didn't know what to put where and so on. It just felt clumsy and I'd rather do the puzzle in my head. But ofcourse this is a useful technique, especially as the interface grows more complex. The practical performance needs to be exercised further though.

Experience prototyping

To kick off the semester we were given the task to make an experience prototype. The artefact was a lightbulb and the task how to turn it on and off in a way that was delighting for people that uses it. The trick was ofcourse to focus on the experience rather than the functional aspects. This could prove to be a hard exercise for students like us with an industrial design background but thanks to good teamwork between FanFan and me we pulled it out quite nice. 

Our inspiration was flowers. We made a lamp that took the electricity out of lighting. Watering the lamp makes it "grow" and glow. The more water you pour into the foot of the lamp the more light you get. And as a symbol of life the light fades out when the water runs dry.

I think this small workshop was an exellent intro to the interaction design because it focuses on the communication between human and the product, which I so far is the essence of what an interaction designer is sat out to do.