onsdag 30. april 2008

Even Morrissey can stink

Our new direction in the festival project is to make a karaoke-machine. This singin phenomenon often produce a lot of bad material and is by many concidered being a tacky thing best suited for shady bars.

We on the other hand want to combine this concept with the more refined music culture of Øyafestivalen, with dedicated choices of songs related to the visitors music profile. Can this produce some what more pleasant sounds than the ones heard on the video?

Also take a look at Candice Breitz study on fan-culture and her karaoke experiments.

onsdag 9. april 2008

Tom Na H-iu

Our idea of "Viggo -the friendless installation" is thought to be something like this. Only with the lights moving accordingly to the touching of peoples hands. When more people touch at the same time the feedback changes, thus creating a subject for conversation and collaboration.