onsdag 9. januar 2008

NRK3 movie

Task from NRK3: create an 8 second short movie branding the new channel. It could be anything but should express values as openminded and accepting. It is an entertainment channel but for the more narrow audience. 
I worked together with Håkon Raanes in the service design class on this one. After narrowing down alot of ideas we decided to work with compressed time and transformation. To portray this we used a microwave oven and placed i.e  a curly shirt, pressed the button, waited, and two seconds later out comes a smooth, ironed shirt with a tie. Other objects were: playing cards, ingredients for a cake, wollen yarn, a flowerpot without flower and a lightbulb. The surprise was ofcourse what the objects would transform into. 
We got good credits for this movie but for them to buy it we need to do some adjustments concerning the enviroment around the microwave. We will probably make another version soon.

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