onsdag 9. januar 2008


Anders Waldersnes

Former interaction design student Anders talked about his diploma assignment called PLAY. The project was to examine how we could use television in the future now that it has got heavy competition from computers. 

He talked about the importance of being thorough and structured in the analysis and to trust that methodes will generate new ideas. He also stressed the importance of evidencing and experience prototypes. In his project he had made an interface for a tv-menu. Although it was just a sketch and had simultated functions it served the purpose well of being an experience prototype. We got introdused to the quick, creative methode of idea cards where you write an idea down on a card, make a simple drawing of it and also attatch a picture that is assosiated with what your idea is about. hang them up on a wall to get easy accsess later on. 

Through analysis he came up with three concepts to interpret the future tv experience:

Filter- alow the users to filter the kind of programs they want to watch.
Share- find ways for the users to share their preferences and opinions with their friends, or other users.

Max choise / Minimize choise- use the existing model where the broadcaster controls what programs is sent or let the user deside.

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