onsdag 9. januar 2008

Lefsa- cross media storytelling

Cross-media storytelling is about telling a story about a product in different medias and to use those medias individual strenghts and advantages to create a synergie effect that strenghtens the product.  

Karin and me chose to work with Vestlands Lefsa and to use three different medias to tell the story about the product: commercial(tv-cinema), web and the product itself. This took the shape of being a brandingcampaign.
To make a long story short, lefse is dull so we wanted to play with this and came up with a concept for commercial where we intervju young people on the street telling us about how dull it is. Then we edit these statments to becomming positive but in a funny way that you cleary see that we have cheated. On the web we would alow people to play with the intervju sequenses and participate in a contest by sending in edited videos. For the product we played on the editer/director assosiation and made a stamp on lefsa that only would be visible when being prepared in water. (like a photo in a photolab). This stamp would maybe give you exclusive information, a prize etc. 

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