lørdag 22. mars 2008

Remote Speaker

Had to post this one too. This gives people an opportunity to express meanings public without the embarrassing attention of the speakers corner, yet it delivers the message in a more "old-school" way than lets say a sms-chat on a big screen i.e. 
I like the materiality of this installation because I fear that introducing to many digital devices like screens and graphic interfaces will inflict the festival-feeling in some way. Done in a nice way I think it can be a nice translation from digital to analog media.

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gcbb sa...

I like this one to! And especially the materiality of it, and as you say the digital to analog conversion feeling of it. I don´t quite agree on the the opportunity to express as a all positive one though, the system seems quite intrusive in a way, and I think the megaphone has an "activist" thing about it.