torsdag 6. mars 2008

Iteration One


For the direction in our project we have chosen the design breifs RFID and the everyday / Touch as culture and we probably should focus on who to;

-enhance peoples social life (physical world)

-explore peoples acceptance of touch in social context 

Reading up on blogs and RFID related sites we dicovered two interessting phenonemon ; Social objects / social life of objects

Social object is of a more abstract nature and can be said to be the shared ground of why interaction occurs . 

An example of such a common ground could be

Social life of objects could be relevant for us in this project because it is concerning the objects identity, history and ability to communicate. (BookCrossing)

"The interesting thing about Social Objects is not the object itself, but the conversations that happen around them"  Hugh Macleod, Gapingvoid.

To sum it up we could say that we want to Work within a tangible, physical approach to social settings. 


It can be difficult to get a direction with such a broad term as social life. First we wanted to sketch out different kinds of social interaction and did some observations, without focusing of any ideas or solutions:

-give short/necassary information (slippery surface)

-read other peoples thoughts (man looking curiously)

-explore other social groups (ethnic mothers with children)

-let objects become personal (parked cars, only personal when owner is present)

-objects that sticks out (giant palm, subject for conversation)

-find things (Marianne got lost)

-help others (man struggling with “rullator”)

-decrease inhibition (children dancing in the fountain)

-borrow objects (man with umbrella)

-get recommendations (girl walking with tempting, newly-baked bread under arm)

-can garbage hold information (tax deduction card in the gutter)

-random meetings (someone slips on the bus, starts a conversation) 

-accidental touch (narrow sidewalk) 

-disorientation/fear (kid mistaking me for his father)

-peeking/view (looking into peoples home, ground floor)

-locating seats (entering a café)

-ear-dropping/scene (girl and boy in love, playing around a car)


Arrange a workshop (see older blog post)

-research of peoples networks 

-formulate a problem definition

-generate ideas in multiple directions

-investigate thresholds for social interaction web/physical (probe Facebook etc..)

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