fredag 21. desember 2007

Experience prototyping

To kick off the semester we were given the task to make an experience prototype. The artefact was a lightbulb and the task how to turn it on and off in a way that was delighting for people that uses it. The trick was ofcourse to focus on the experience rather than the functional aspects. This could prove to be a hard exercise for students like us with an industrial design background but thanks to good teamwork between FanFan and me we pulled it out quite nice. 

Our inspiration was flowers. We made a lamp that took the electricity out of lighting. Watering the lamp makes it "grow" and glow. The more water you pour into the foot of the lamp the more light you get. And as a symbol of life the light fades out when the water runs dry.

I think this small workshop was an exellent intro to the interaction design because it focuses on the communication between human and the product, which I so far is the essence of what an interaction designer is sat out to do.

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