fredag 16. mai 2008

Workshop with GK4

Due to the collaboration with students from second grade we held a workshop for the design of the RFID-wristbands. We used the Stig&Stein workshop methode as earlier in the semester.

Our problem definition was "How to enhance the festivalfeeling and to make it more personal?" with the focus on wristband and identification. Based on associative words and then forced combination of these words we generated many new ideas. Here are some favourites:

-Beer Brag, a giant beer bottle that is "filled" up according to the amount of beers sold. Both totally and individual sales. "Look how many beers I have bought"... "Look how many beers I have given to others"...
-The wristband as a Piece of Jewellery. Customize it based on your music preferences etc.
-Pick up Beer, pay the next beer for someone you like by touching the wristband at the last place this person has touched. 
-Seal of Contacts, let people you meet be able to make an imprint on your wristband. Could be physically or digitally. 
-Archetypes, wristband based on you being a character/belonging to a group etc. Could be combined with this years Øya graphical Cartoon Theme.
-Contact Three, a three with branches that grows according to your social interaction. Associations to Øyas Eco-Image. 
-Øya Advanced, gives you benefits based on your participation on the festival. How many years you have been there, how much time you have spent on the festival area etc.

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